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    • Address: Room703~705, Yi’an Business Building, No.109 Qinzhou Road

      Xuhui District, Shanghai 20023, P.R China

      Tel:+8621 6475 0761  6475 0762  6413 9465 ext 832

      Fax:+8621 6129 4906



      QQ :1425293954

      • RanNuo (Hong Kong) International Limited  was specialized in process control instruments and various types of valves and other industrial equipment from abroad. Company products can be widely used in thermal power, oil and natural gas, diesel and petrol refiningiron and steel smelting ,chemical engineering and etc. Due to a long-term engineering experience in practice and based on domain knowledge, we have got outstanding achievements in Chinese market and our products have been used covered all provinces ofChina.

        In these years, we have built good cooperation relationship with some well-known  euramerican enterprises. We have substantial experience and advantages in foreign trade and import purchasing. Our company, built in 2003, becomed the distributor of IA from German, EATON from USA, Cesare-Bonetti from Italy, Levelstate from UK , E+H from German and so on.

        We offer not only high quality products, but also premium services. We hope we can become your trustworthy partner.

    • 上海燃诺机电设备有限公司是一家经营国外过程控制仪表和各类阀门等工业设备的公司。公司代理的产品可广泛应用于火力发电、石油和天然气开采、柴油和汽油提炼、煤气化和煤焦化工艺、钢铁冶炼、有色金属冶炼、基础化工和精细化工、制药、造纸等领域,由于有长期的工程实践经验和专业理论知识为基础,目前在中国市场取得了良好业绩,产品销售遍及国内各大省份。



Address: Room703~705, Yi’an Business Building,No.109 Qinzhou RoadXuhui District, Shanghai 20023, P.R China

Tel:+8621 6475 0761  +8621 6475 0762

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